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Detectors and information relative to Lead being present in the drinking water is now avalaible. This information can be found here.


Rapid, Low Cost & Easy-To-Use

Detectors for Testing Surfaces for Lead.


Easily Detect Lead in Paint, Children's Toys, Playgrounds, Ceramic Dishes, Jewelry or on Pipes!  


The SprayView™-Lead Detection Kit is a small, portable kit which allows the user to rapidly screen a large area to detect if lead is present on suspect surfaces.

Most lead detectors tests only a small area of a surface at a time and may not adequately detect lead in paint, jewelry or on other surfaces.  SprayView™-Lead Detection Kits allows the user to detect lead on large area of a suspect surface.  More information on these two products is below.

Detecting Lead on a Surface: 

SprayView™-Lead Before & After

Detection Time

SprayView™-Lead Detection Kits detect lead on surfaces instantly by developing a red color.

Detection Methods:

Two Models of SprayView™-Lead Detection Kits are avaliable:

  1. Model # SVPB-01 Spray Detection Kit
  2. Model # SVPB-02 Swab Detection Kit

SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit:

The SprayView™-Lead Spray Kit uses two spray bottles to detect lead.  The suspect surface is sprayed with the first bottle and then with the second bottle.  Wherever lead is present, the solutions will instantly form red color.  More information on the SprayView™-Lead Spray can be found here.

SprayView™-Lead Swab Kit:

The SprayView™-Lead Swab Kit uses a combination of a spray bottle and a detection pad.  The suspect surface is first sprayed with the collection bottle and then suspect surface is swabbed using the detection pad.  Wherever lead is present, the detection pad will form red color.  More information on the SprayView™-Lead Spray can be found here.

Simple, Low-cost Tests for Lead in paint, jewelry, toys or on other surfaces.

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